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Use of Web Pages

Guidelines for club, division, area, district and region web pages

Toastmasters International recognizes the value of web pages for marketing and information dissemination.
Club, area, division, district, and region websites should contain information useful to current and prospective members and officers. See Protocol 4.0 describes what information should be included on websites.

Note: Club websites may be easily constructed using FreeToastHost 2.0, a free service for Toastmasters clubs.

Intellectual Property
Clubs, divisions, areas, districts and regions may use the Toastmasters International trademarks on their web pages within the guidelines established by the organization as described in Policy and Protocol 4.0. As the trademark owner, Toastmasters International reserves the right to determine how clubs and districts use trademarks as part of domain names.

Clubs and districts may not include copyrighted information from Toastmasters International or any other source on their web pages without express written permission from the copyright owner.

Related Financial Matters
Clubs, divisions, areas, districts and regions may publish their websites in donated space and acknowledge the donation on the website. Clubs and districts may sell advertising space to offset the cost of renting space and increase club and district income. Individual members of Toastmasters clubs may not receive any compensation to create, maintain, or host web pages for clubs or districts.

Required Disclaimers
Member information may only be used for Toastmasters-related business. Therefore, a disclaimer must be included on all websites as follows: “The information on this website is for the sole use of Toastmasters’ members, for Toastmasters business only. It is not to be used for solicitation and distribution of non-Toastmasters material or information.”