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Termination of Membership

Discipline and Termination

Occasionally a club’s positive and supportive environment may be disrupted by the actions of one of its members. Often when the disruption continues, the club suffers. The positive, enjoyable environment disappears. Members’ progress is slowed. Some members may even drop out. When this happens, your club may wish to take action.

First, the club president and/or other members of the executive committee should discuss the problem privately with the disruptive member and encourage him or her to help maintain the club’s positive atmosphere. The club should try to rectify the situation before taking steps to discipline or terminate the membership of a member. If the member’s behavior doesn’t improve, your club may wish to ask the person to resign or to proceed with disciplinary action, including terminating the person’s membership.

The procedure can be handled by either the club executive committee or by the entire club membership. The club executive committee should determine, by majority vote, if the disciplinary procedure will take place at the club executive committee level or at the club membership level. Even if your club hasn’t voted a member in (which is a requirement of the Club Constitution), it can still vote a member out or discipline a member by following the procedures outlined in Protocol 3.0.