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Form Library

As a district leader, there are many forms, reporting tools and manuals that you will refer to throughout the year, ranging from the reporting requirements to Area Governor's Club Visit Report. Look below for links to these forms and manuals, arranged by type: 

District Governors Brochure (PDF)  
District Leadership Handbook (PDF) 

Distinguished Programs
Distinguished District Reports 
Distinguished Club Reports
District Recognition
District Recognition Program (PDF)
Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (PDF) 

Reporting Requirements
Throughout the year, the district is required to submit reporting to World Headquarters. If these requirements are not met, the District Reserve cannot be accessed, and in some cases, Distinguished District status cannot be achieved. Check the reporting requirements to access the different requirements, forms and due dates to help your district stay on track.

Area Reports
Serving Clubs through Visits (PDF)
Area Governor's Club Visit Report (Online Form) (Please log in to District Central to submit the online version.)  
Area Governor's Club Visit Report (PDF)
Job Descriptions
Club Officer Roles 
District Leader Roles

Club Training Schedule
Training Club Leaders 
Reporting Club Officer Training (District trio: submit online by logging in to the website.) 
Training District Leaders
Reporting District Leader Training

Local Recognition
Area Governor of the Year (PDF) 
Division Governor of the Year (PDF) 
District Outstanding Toastmaster of the Year (PDF)

Membership and Club Growth
Membership Building Contests  
How to Build a Toastmasters Club (PDF)
How to Rebuild a Toastmasters Club (PDF)
Toastmasters International Membership Applications 
Membership Growth (PDF)
Let the World Know: Publicity and Promotion Handbook (PDF)
Corporate Relationship Visit Brochure (PDF)

Nominations Committee
Officer Agreement and Release Form (PDF)
Checklist for District Nominations (PDF)
Officer Qualifications (PDF)
District Leader Nominating Form (PDF)
Officer Qualifications Checklist (PDF) 
Candidate Evaluation Form (PDF)

District Conferences
District Conference Speaker Guidelines (PDF)
Speaker Agreement (PDF)

District Leader Training (August and Mid-year)
Reimbursement form for district leaders (PDF)