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Making Second Training Valuable

Your district’s second round of club-officer training starts in December. Whether the clubs’ officers are beginners or veterans, they should be able to find something of value in second training. With a little planning, your district can offer valuable second training.

For clubs that elect officers annually, emphasize the benefits this second training provides, such as giving officers the opportunity to discuss any problems they may be having, getting advice from district leaders and networking with other club officers. Tailor your training to meet their needs. For example:

  • If many clubs are losing members, you could conduct The Successful Club Series presentation Moments of Truth as a training session, giving officers a chance to analyze their own clubs and discuss improvement strategies.
  • If clubs aren’t progressing in the Distinguished Club Program, arrange a special discussion of the program. Download the latest reports for the individual clubs from, distribute the reports to their respective officers, then review and discuss the reports and what actions the clubs can take to improve. Also, encourage officers to conduct the presentation titled How to be a Distinguished Club from The Successful Club Series at their club’s next meeting.

For clubs electing semiannually, remind them that this training allows newly-elected officers to learn their roles and responsibilities, to meet district leaders who can help them during their terms and to get new ideas about how to improve their clubs.