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District Orders

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In an effort to process district orders in a timely manner, we offer the following guidelines:

  • Submit your orders as early as possible as they are processed as received. Orders with future delivery times are not held.
  • Most orders contain requests for engraving (badges and plaques/trophies). There is no priority service for engraved items, so if you are ordering engraved items along with other materials, we suggest you place two separate orders.
  • WHQ receives hundreds of engraving requests. To ensure your district receives its order on time and with correct information, please:
    • Type engraved copy exaclty as you want it to appear (including educational designations and dates). Information will be engraved exactly as received.
    • Following is the normal turnaround time for processing of engraved orders. Note: this does not include shipping/delivery time:

                                1-9 items

                                10-15 items

                                16-20 items

                                20 + items

    Eight working days

    Nine working days

    11 working days

    13+ working days (customers will be advised of the turnaround time when the order is being processed)

  • All district orders require the approval of the district governor. Be sure the approval is made prior to placing your order with WHQ or it will result in delays.

To find important items for your district check the Toastmasters web store. Then, to complete your district orders, be sure to use the appropriate District Order Form (PDF).