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Eight Steps to a Budget

Prevent budgeting missteps

Toastmasters International takes care never to violate the California Charitable Trust Act. It's important that the districts do so, as well. Regardless of where your district is, a diversion of charitable trust funds puts the organization at risk because districts are administrative arms of Toastmasters International and are subject to the same laws and guidelines. Make sure all uses of your district funds are authorized and consistent with your district's mission.

And remember the budget is a team effort! It is an estimate and you will be evaluating the results monthly. Here are the steps to take:

Step One

Gather your materials:

  • Your District Success Plan
    The District Success Plan is what drives the budget, so please make it mirror the budget. Emphasis must be placed on items that contribute directly to the critical success factors of training, club extension, membership growth and educational achievements. You should understand the costs involved in making the plan happen and know the estimated funds available to the district.
  • Download the Annual Budget template
  • Print this memo: District Budget Success Guide
  • Download Policy 8.3 and 8.4 and Protocol 8.4, District Leader Expenses and District Fiscal Management
  • Historical Financial Information
    Its important to review the financial statements monthly in order to monitor the actual expenses as compared to budget.

Step Two

Step Three

  • Complete the annual budget template. 
    • Keep in mind that at the end of the year, the district must retain on reserve an amount equal to 25% of the district’s prior year income.

Step Four

  • Discuss completed budget with DG, LGET, LGM and treasurer

Step Five

  • Complete narrative section of budget
    • Use the narrative to explain different events and expectations for the coming year. WHQ reviews the comments and may ask for additional information. Remember, if it is not budgeted for, there may not be funds for it in the future. Be as detailed as possible in your narratives.  

Step Six

  • DG, LGET, LGM and treasurer sign certification page

Step Seven

  • Present at district council meeting to obtain budget approval

    • The review of the mid-year treasurer's report is a good time to evaluate how well you are meeting the district goals and what resources will be necessary to achieve the goals in the next six months.

Step Eight

Keep it Up!
Step three is now complete. Continue to work on your steps in order...