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District Finance Corner


Districts set goals that focus on the efforts of the district team. These goals target establishing new clubs, emphasizing membership growth in existing clubs, training officers, as well as helping clubs achieve and maintain quality club programming. It takes money to achieve these goals.

Each district receives 25 percent of all the district’s membership dues and then budgets appropriately to ensure the plans are carried out and the goals are achieved. Districts should be using all funds to support Toastmasters International’s mission of making effective oral communication a worldwide reality.

Below are six steps to help you plan, budget and ultimately achieve your district’s goals. For an overview, review District Leader Module 3: Budget and Financial Management from the Toastmaster Learning Connection.

  • Step One: Read and complete the steps for proper planning.
  • Step Two: Read and follow the Eight Steps to a Budget. Then download and complete your district’s Annual Budget template.
  • Step Three: Review the district accounting system webinars.
  • Step Four: Referencing your annual budget, enter all district financial transactions in the district accounting system. Balance each month to confirm completeness of your reports.
  • Step Five: Select an audit committee, and combine efforts with the committee twice a year. The committee must approve the Mid-year (December) and Year-end (June) Treasurer’s Report by February 15 and August 31 respectively after completing the Audit Committee Guidelines
  • Step Six: Submit your quarterly reports to, and, along with the Mid-year and Year-end Treasurer’s Report, submit corresponding supporting documents by February 15 and August 31 respectively.

To keep your district finances sound, review your district’s financial activity and compare it to your budget on a monthly basis. When funds are not managed properly, your district goals are jeopardized.