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Retention of Club Records Guidelines

Frequently, clubs ask World Headquarters how long they should keep certain financial and administrative records. Following is a list of items and the minimum length of time they should be kept as part of club records.

Depending on your club’s individual needs, you may add items to this list. Your club should have a procedure in place to pass records from one administration to the next. Be sure to include a review of these records as part of your club’s audit.

Financial Records 
Internal audit reports    Seven years 
Bank statements    Seven years 
Returned cancelled checks    Seven years 
Cash receipts and cash disbursements    Seven years 
Check register and receipts    Seven years 

Administrative Records
Routine correspondence     One to three years 
Legal and controversial correspondence     Permanently 
Internal reports, including officer and committee reports    Three years 
Membership rosters
(Clubs may choose to keep membership rosters permanently for historical purposes.) 
  Four years 
Minute books    Permanently 

Governance Records
Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of Toastmasters International (Item 210)    Permanently 
Club Constitution for Clubs of Toastmasters International (Item 210C)    Permanently 
Club Procedures and Standing Rules    Permanently 

Other Records
Charter papers, including roster of charter members    Permanently 
Club Charter Member Certificate (Item 503)    Permanently