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Club Elections: Semiannual

If your club elects officers semiannually, it’s not too early to think about upcoming elections. Here’s a helpful timetable:

  • Before September 30: Appoint a nominating committee (see Club Bylaws). The committee is to be run by the immediate past president or the most recent past president available.
  • Last Meeting in October: The nominating committee reports to the club.
  • First Meeting in November: Call for the nominating committee Report. (If the nominating committee does not have a report at the last meeting in October, postpone the election until one week after the meeting at which the report is given.)
  • Call for nominations from the floor: Nominations begin with the last president and proceed in descending order. Remember, a quorum is 51 percent of active members.
  • Announce the results.

All clubs must be on a July 1– June 30 annual term, or on July 1– December 31 and January 1–June 30 semiannual terms. (Please note: Clubs that meet weekly have the option of electing officers for either a semiannual term or an annual term. Clubs that meet less frequently must elect officers for annual terms.) Holding elections at any other time is in direct conflict with the Club Constitution. If your club elections are not in compliance with the timetable, now is the time to change and meet constitution standards.

Once the officers have been elected, access the Club Central section and add your club’s officers online! Remember to order club officer pins and plaques of appreciation for your officer installation ceremony. Check out our online store for a complete list of items and prices at