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January 2014

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JANUARY 2014  

Review Month-end Closing Dates 

To ensure your submissions are received and processed on time, regularly check the month-end closing dates. It shows reporting date deadlines for items such as education award applications, membership applications, club charter documentation and club coach appointments. Please note: Closing dates are not always the last calendar day of the month. If you have questions about your submissions, contact

Tax Notice for U.S. Clubs   

World Headquarters will prepare and file Form 990-N with the IRS for U.S.-based clubs for the 2013 tax year. However, if your club's 2013 gross receipts exceed $50,000, notify us at

California Club Treasurers: Watch for Tax Email

California-based clubs are required to electronically file the 199N form with the Franchise Tax Board by May 15, 2014 for the 2013 tax year. Club presidents and treasurers will receive an email in mid-January outlining filing instructions.

Have You Submitted Your Inventory and Expense Accruals?

The Inventory/Expense Accrual spreadsheets were due December 31. If you haven't sent them, please email your completed spreadsheets as soon as possible to

District Treasurers: Complete the Mid-year Audit Treasurer's Report

Please provide your audit committee with supporting documentation for July through December 2013. By doing this early, the committee will be able to complete the Mid-year Audit Treasurer's Report by the February 15 policy deadline. Before running the reports for the certification page and narratives, confirm that your district accounts are reconciled through December 2013 and closed by World Headquarters. Be sure to include signatures of the district governor, treasurer and audit committee members on the Monthly Narratives and Certification spreadsheets. Email our report to

Review Your Distinguished Club Program Goals

Ihe program year is at the halfway mark, and many clubs are on their way to earning Distinguished recognition. Please check your Club Success Plan to gauge progress toward meeting goals or to see if adjustments must be made. An online version of the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan (Item 1111) is available.

See You at Mid-year Training  

The first weekend of Mid-year Training was a huge success! District governors and lieutenant governors: If you have not yet attended Mid-year Training this month, you have something to look forward to. You will build on the training you received at the International Convention in Cincinnati, as well as learn new leadership skills. 

Review Protocol for Campaigns and Elections  

Attention district governors: By now, your nominating committee is seeking 2014-2015 district officer candidates. To ensure successful district elections, please follow procedure and review the elections section of the District Leader Resources webpage (see links at left). Also, please read Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections.

Looking for a Way to Recognize High-achieving Members?  

Recognizing your district members' educational achievements is a great way to boost retention. A number of districts have awarded the Triple Crown to members who achieve three education awards in a single program year, and now it can be put into practice by any district that chooses to participate.


The Triple Crown report is located in the Daily Reports section of the dashboard. The report includes member name, number of awards submitted and award types, per individual district. Each district will identify the combination of educational awards and any other parameters that count toward the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown pin (Item 5909) is a wonderful way to acknowledge those members who meet the criteria. Questions regarding the report and program can be sent to

Maximize VIP Visits

If you are notified that an international officer or director will be visiting your district, please ensure your time together is well spent by planning ahead. You can be prepared by reviewing the District Visits webpage; click on the appropriate visit type on the left side of the page. Be sure to plan for your visitor's participation in the district conference, corporate recognition visits and new club-building opportunities, and include your public relations officer (PRO) in planning any media interviews.

Order Conference Supplies  

Get your second district conference looking good and running smoothly with customized materials from this district-specific product brochure. Products include customized event banners and registration bags, welcome ribbons, awards and certificate holders. Order items early to ensure timely delivery. 

Policy Update: Club Membership Minimum  

Beginning with the 2010 Strategic Plan, Toastmasters International reenergized its focus on ensuring that members receive a high-quality club experience to improve member satisfaction and increase retention. As part of this initiative, in 2012 the Board of Directors recommended that a feasibility study be conducted to analyze the minimum club membership level. Policy 2.0: Club and Membership Eligibility requires a club to have a minimum of six members to remain in good standing. However, the survey of members' satisfaction in clubs greater than 30 members and fewer than 12 members, as well as an analysis of the Distinguished Club Program, pointed to a minimum of eight members having the higher likelihood of success. As a result, the Board of Directors voted during its August 2013 meeting to revise Policy 2.0 to raise the club membership minimum to eight effective April 1, 2014. Therefore, beginning with the April 2014 dues renewal, a clubs must have eight members in order to be eligible to review.

Consider posting the following information on your club website or Facebook page, or including it in your club newsletter.

Show Off Your Club Video

Each month, clubs from around the globe enter the Toastmasters brand video contest. Share your club's story and enthusiasm for the brand and your club could be featured on Toastmasters' social media channels and win one of the following: a new banner, lectern or marketing materials. For contest details, please visit the Brand Contest webpage.

Congratulations to recent winner Camanava Brunch Toastmasters club of Quezon City, Philippines!

Enjoy the Toastmaster On the Go!  

Members can access the September through December issues of the Toastmaster on their iPad, Android or Kindle Fire tablet. The January issue will be available soon. Simply download the Toastmasters International app for your tablet from the Apple, Google Play or Amazon App stores. The digital edition is enhanced with multimedia interactivity, videos, photo slideshows and links.


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