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Distinguished Club Program Changes

September 26, 2013

During the 2013 Board of Directors Meeting, the Board approved the following changes to the Distinguished Club Program:

  • Clubs that charter after September 1 are eligible to earn Goal 9 through training by a district representative.
  • The charter submission fulfills the requirement for an on-time officer list and dues payment (Goal 10).

These changes will allow newly chartered clubs the opportunity for success early on. In the past, new clubs that chartered after the first club officer training period (between June 1 and August 31) could not achieve Goal 9. The Board approved a modification that will allow newly chartered clubs to earn credit if they receive direct training from an authorized district representative in a live training session. By including the club officer list and dues payment with the charter paperwork, newly chartered clubs will now receive credit for Goal 10, where before the list had to be resubmitted. These changes were announced at the August 2013 Board Briefing, and will take place immediately.