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2011-2012 President’s 20-Plus Awards Correction
September 10, 2012

An error was made in the Hall of Fame presentation regarding the President’s 20-Plus Awards. Upon investigation, Toastmasters World Headquarters learned that there was an unfortunate human error made when the reports were initially interpreted. Regrettably, the awards were incorrectly presented during the event. World Headquarters has since verified the correct ranking of the districts with the highest percentage of clubs with 20 or more members that should have received the President’s 20-Plus awards. They are as follows:

  • District 71 82.49%
  • District 79 79.04%
  • District 82 77.57%

Toastmasters International takes recognition very seriously and understands that it represents the culmination of district members’ hard work and perseverance throughout the year. Please be assured that new precautions have been implemented to ensure that such errors will not occur in the future. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

District 71

District 79

District 82