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The Basics of Membership Retention


Here are some tips to increase member retention (adapted from Success 101 (Item 1622):

Evaluate Interest

  • Find out members’ needs and goals so you can help them reach their objectives. The Member Interest Survey (Item 403) is a useful tool for accomplishing this.
  • Base the focus of your club’s educational program on the results of your research.

Analyze Reasons for Missed Meetings

  • Are members missing meetings because of their time or location? If other members agree, consider adjusting the time or location of your meetings.
  • Do meetings run too long? A shorter program might encourage attendance.
  • Do members have enough opportunity for participation? Try a rotation method that allows everyone a chance to fulfill all meeting roles.

Nurture Potential Non-renewals

  • Once members reach their original goals, suggest new ones, such as the advanced communication and leadership tracks.
  • Are members “burned out” from fulfilling too many meeting roles? Lighten the load as needed.

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