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Corporate Sponsors

Corporate Sponsors

Thousands of major organizations around the globe sponsor in-house Toastmasters clubs as an incentive for employees to strengthen their communication and leadership skills; many of these organizations have incorporated Toastmasters training into their onsite education and development programs.

The features of Toastmasters offer benefits and value to both individuals and organizations.

Are you interested in starting a Toastmasters club within your organization? Find out how!

The following companies recognize the value of the Toastmasters program:

Corporations Educational Institutions
#Clubs Sponsored
#Clubs Sponsored
State Farm Insurance 72 Special Programs and Continued Learning
Human Resources Development Center
Bank of America 62 University of Phoenix 11
Blue Cross Blue Shield 40 University of Arizona 5
IBM 37 MIT 5
General Electric Company 33 Ministry of Education Malaysia 5
AT&T 27 Texas A&M University 4
Lockheed Martin 22 Raisoni Institute 4
Hewlett Packard 22 Nanyang Technological University 4
The Boeing Company 21 Jackson State University 4
PricewaterhouseCoopers 21
Northrop Grumman Company 21
Complete list of Corporations sponsoring Toastmasters clubs. Complete list of Educational Institutions sponsoring
Toastmasters clubs.      

Government, State and Local Agencies
# Clubs Sponsored
U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs 43
U.S. Air Force 41
Canada Revenue Agency 33
U.S. Navy 29
U.S. Army 18
U.S. Department of Agriculture 18
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency 17
United States Postal Service 15
Internal Revenue Service 14
State of California Department of Corrections 11
State of Louisiana Department of Corrections 8
State of Oregon Department of Corrections 7
State of Washington Department of Corrections 6
State of Ohio Department of Corrections 4
State of Massachusetts Department of Corrections 4
State of California Compensation Insurance Fund 4
JG Trust & ET Foundation 4
Groenpunt Medium Prison, South Africa 4
County of Fairfax 4
Complete list of Government Agencies & State and Local Agencies sponsoring Toastmasters clubs.
U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Member Letter
Toastmasters has a long history of having clubs in U.S. federal agencies. To show its support for Toastmasters’ contributions to federal employees, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has provided a letter for federal employees who are Toastmasters. The OPM letter has guidelines concerning how members and clubs in federal agencies may be supported regarding membership fees and holding meetings.
Featured Profile
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