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10 Tips on Using the CL Program

“My club found every part of the CL manual very useful. There's no doubt that it really serves its purpose of developing new leaders.”
-Voltaire R. Victoria, DTM

Competent Leadership (CL) gives you an opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills by serving in club roles. It will help you gain self-confidence and skills that will help you in many ways: academically, professionally and personally. The manual offers training in time management, organization, planning and critical thinking—all of which can be applied to everyday life.

Consider this: If Competent Leadership can help a club run more efficiently and successfully, and it can also help club members to improve their lives, why wouldn’t your club leaders pursue it? Sometimes, a little promotion from a fellow Toastmaster can help smooth the way. In case you’re finding it a little difficult to get the ball rolling with your vice president education (VPE) or other officers, here are ten quick tips from Toastmasters members that you can use to help promote the Competent Leadership manual:


1. At each club meeting, have one member assigned as the Competent Leadership evaluator. By having an assigned evaluator, you ensure member progress in the manual.

2. Increase member awareness by requiring that members bring their Competent Leadership manuals to every club meeting.

3. Does your club have a sample copy of Competent Leadership on display at every meeting? Keeping an extra copy on hand means you’ll have one available for guests to peruse or for new members to borrow.

4. Make sure that you recognize your members when they participate in the manual. Award a member with a ribbon when she’s halfway through and make an announcement when that person completes the manual. Let her know you appreciate the special care and preparation that she took with each meeting role.

5. Encourage the president and VPE of your club to promote Competent Leadership at each club meeting. Emphasize how the manual functions as a valuable learning tool—training each member on the different roles of the meeting and helping them build beneficial skills for the working world and daily life.

6. Place equal importance on the leadership and communication tracks in your club by including accreditations for both tracks in all correspondence, agendas and programs for your club.

7. Use the Competent Leadership Achievement Chart. Post it on the wall during meetings and keep it up-to-date. Draw attention to the successes listed on the chart.

8. For every speech a member gives, your club can request that he or she perform and receive evaluations on at least three meeting roles.

9. Does your club have a newsletter or website? Post a reminder to members to bring their manuals. Also, your club can post a congratulatory list of those who have completed the manual.

10. Ask each member who achieves the Competent Leader award to mentor a new member in the manual.

These tips will help make the Competent Leadership manual a natural and easy part of your club’s meetings. When the manual is second nature to the members of your club, you’ll be pleasantly and easily learning leadership skills that help you every day.