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Making the Toastmasters Experience Meaningful

Learn the four pillars for creating a meaningful experience in your club or district from Dana LaMon, an Accredited Speaker and the 1992 World Champion of Public Speaking.

Congratulations to the Winners of the World Championship of Public Speaking!

Mohammed Qahtani from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, won first place with the speech, “The Power of Words.” Second- and third-place winners were Aditya Maheswaran from Mumbai, India, with "Scratch" and Manoj Vasudevan from Singapore with "We Can Fix It." See the full list of finalists and watch highlights of the top three speeches on the Toastmasters YouTube Channel.

Watch the Convention Anytime, Anywhere

Couldn’t attend the 2015 International Convention? Or do you want to experience it again? You can watch it on Toastmasters On Demand. A DVD of the World Championship of Public Speaking is also available.

2015–2016 Board of Directors

On August 15, 2015, at the Annual Business Meeting, a new set of Board members were elected by the voting delegates. Learn more about your Board of Directors.

New Accredited Speaker

Congratulations to Ellie Kay of Palmdale, California, for achieving the Accredited Speaker designation! Accredited Speaker is an elite designation signifying mastery of professional speaking techniques. Applications for the 2016 program will be accepted between January 1 and February 1.


Submit Dues Renewals Online

Please submit dues renewals through Club Central by October 1.

Missing Your Monthly Club Statement?

Financial statements are sent via email from World Headquarters to club presidents and treasurers for each month a club has payment activity. To ensure you receive these statements, please verify your club officers' email addresses by logging into Club Central and selecting your club name. Then, under Conduct Club Business, click View/Update/Print my club membership roster.

Access Club Receipts Online

Club officers can view payment history and print receipts via Club Central. Simply log in and click the club name and number. Under Conduct Club Business, click Search Club Receipts.

Will Your Club Add 5 New Members by September 30?

Log in and learn how to participate in the Smedley Award membership building program.

District Leaders 

Distinguished District Program Requirements

For your district to be eligible for the Distinguished District Program and to access the District Reserve, please complete the Division and Area Directors Training Report and District Success Plan. Submit them through District Central by September 30.

For Finance Managers

Email your 2015–2016 district budget to World Headquarters by September 30. Before completing the annual budget template, please review Webinar 5: Managing Budgets. As a reminder, the 2014–2015 Year-end Audit Report and supporting documents were due August 31.

Experienced Leaders: Apply Now to Be a Region Advisor

The region advisor is instrumental in helping districts grow through marketing support, coaching, mentoring and training. To learn more, visit the Region Advisor Tools webpage. Applications for the 2016–2017 program year are due September 30.

Appoint Your Leadership Committee Chair

As you know, the district leadership committee (DLC) is responsible for nominating candidates for district office, using the procedures set forth in Protocol 9.0: District Campaigns and Elections. District directors: Appoint your DLC chair no later than October 1, and work with him or her to appoint your full committee by November 1.

TutorialsUpdated District Leader Tutorials

Check out the new and improved District Leader tutorials on a variety of topics ranging from district leader roles to budget and financial management. These resources will help you learn about your responsibilities.

Public Relations Manager Training Webinar

Toastmasters International will hold a webinar for public relations managers on September 30 and October 1. The informative session will provide helpful tips on how to create and communicate the latest news about Toastmasters to your audience. Region advisors, district directors and club growth directors are also encouraged to attend the webinar. Look for an invitation later this week.

For Club Growth Directors

If you missed the Toastmasters lead management (TLM) webinar in July, you can still watch the recording. Topics include how to enter leads, manage opportunities and generate reports. To reference it later, go to the TLM’s projects section and view additional resources. For additional help, email us.

handbookHelp Your District Grow with a Club Extension Chair

Your district can assign a club extension chair to help contact new club leads in a timely manner. District directors: email your request for this additional support. Lead information will be forwarded to your district director, club growth director and club extension chair.

International Officer and Director Visits

Are you prepared for your visit from an international officer or director? Please email us if you need help preparing for a visit or would like to request one.

Seeking Candidates for Second Vice President or International Director

Do you have what it takes to be on the Toastmasters International Board of Directors? Review the International Officer and Director Candidate Handbook to learn more about becoming a candidate. The deadline to declare your candidacy is October 1.


dana textMaking the Toastmasters Experience Meaningful

As club and district leaders, we can make each moment of the Toastmasters experience meaningful for members by planning and producing programs that promote growth, fulfill purpose, establish connections and define who we are.

The Distinguished Club, Area, Division and District programs provide goals and incentives for growth. Implicit in these programs is the understanding that if members and clubs don’t grow, they stagnate or fail. When we follow the programs, club and district leaders become catalysts of change. They ensure that one of the four pillars of meaningfulness—to promote growth—is met.

Growth is meaningful when it fulfills a purpose beyond increasing numbers. Weeds grow and so does dissension, but these are unwanted. Successful leaders must promote positive growth while maintaining a focus on the mission—to support club excellence and members' skills development. An effective tool for maintaining or regaining focus is to ask the question, “Why?” Why meet? Why train? Why hold this conference? The answer should never be, “To be Distinguished.” That is not the reason members join. To be meaningful, fulfillment of our leadership purpose must coincide with fulfillment of the members' purpose.

Connections are made in harmony with purpose. Relationships start with a common interest. Club meetings and district events build on the common goal of developing leadership and communication skills. Whatever the depth of connection, members are satisfied when they feel a sense of belonging. Only we as members and leaders can create in our clubs and districts that sense of belonging.

Defining who we are is subjective. Individual personalities and leadership styles define clubs and districts. The image of an organization is not the same under a servant leader as it is under a micromanager. What kind of leader are you? Answer this question and you will begin to define your district and club.

The success of a district or club is more than adding new clubs or members. Membership in Toastmasters must be a meaningful experience—one that reflects growth, purpose, connection and definition.

The author addressed this topic in a session at the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention.


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