Region Quarterfinals

region quarterfinals

The 2018–2019 International Speech Contest is the first to include region quarterfinals. The new sequence is: district contests, region quarterfinals, semifinals and then finals.

To ensure that district winners can participate in region quarterfinals, districts must video record the International Speech Contest at their district conference.

You can find more information, including recording requirements, in the Speech Contest Rulebook and on the region quarterfinals FAQs web page.

As region quarterfinals near, district leaders will receive communications and updates from World Headquarters. For your reference now, the region quarterfinals timeline is outlined below:

January: Program quality directors participate in a Mid-year Training session on the process for uploading videos.

February/March: District leaders ensure that their district is prepared to record the International Speech Contest at the conference.

March/April/May: Approximately two weeks prior to the conference, program quality directors receive video upload instructions from World Headquarters. District leaders:

  • Review the tutorial included with these instructions.
  • Record the contest during the conference.
  • Within one week following the completion of the conference, program quality directors submit video of the first-place winner and required forms to World Headquarters.

June: The judging process begins.

July: Results are announced in early July. The first-place winner from each region will then receive an invitation to compete in semifinals at the 2019 Toastmasters International Convention.