Region Advisor Biography

Bob Hooey, DTM, AS

Bob Hooey

Location: Egremont, Alberta, Canada
Member Since: 1991
Region Number: 4
Home District: 99
Supporting Districts: 22, 42, 64, 78

Toastmasters offices held and terms of service (international, region and district level):

  • 1997-1998 District Governor
  • 1996-1997 Lieutenant Governor Education and Training
  • 1995-1996 Lieutenant Governor Marketing

Toastmasters honors and recognition:

  • 1998 Accredited Speaker
  • 1996-1997 Excellence in Education and Training
  • 1995-1996 Excellence in Marketing

How does your experience relate to Toastmasters and the region advisor role:

I make my living around the world working with business and association leaders and their teams, coaching and training them to be more effective and productive both individually and in teams. I bring what I am learning with clients into the Toastmasters world and share real “use it now” examples.

What is your experience with coaching individuals and/or teams? What key strengths do you bring to the district leaders?

In addition to my Toastmasters leadership roles, I acted as the D42 Executive Leadership Coach for five years when I moved to my district. I also was a founding charter member of CAPS Vancouver (serving as its president), National Director for the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, served on the executive team for CAPS Edmonton (including president), served the National Speakers Association Chapter Leadership Council for two years, and served as CAPS Foundation trustee for five years organizing our annual fundraiser. I have been actively coaching candidates with the Accredited Speakers group over the years as well.

Why are you interested in serving as region advisor?

I have had a wonderful journey since I joined Toastmasters in 1991. I have been able to apply and leverage my skills into being a professional speaker, which has allowed me to travel the world. One of my joys is being able to visit Toastmasters clubs and districts while traveling the globe. I am scaling back my speaking business and feel I can now allocate the needed time to serve in this capacity in order to give back.