German Translation Review Team

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Chief Reviewer

Name: Karla Viebahn

District: 95

Primary Club: Rhetorenschmiede

Year joined: 2010

Highest position held: Division Director

Education awards earned: ACG, ALB

What is your area of expertise? In Toastmasters: Club Building, Leadership. Workwise: Human resources and personal development/ coaching.

How does your professional experience relate to your role as Chief Reviewer?
Having studied and lived about 10 years in the UK, I feel at home in both languages. With 20+ yrs work experience in international environments and teams, I am aware of individual preferences and differences which may create misunderstandings and disrupt achieving a common goal. I aim to link and improve and do what is needed so we are all successful.

What do you like most about being a translation reviewer for the Toastmasters Pathways learning experience?
As a communication organisation, Toastmasters International should always aim to provide materials for our members at a professional level in any of the TMI languages – whether in print or online. Having consistent vocabulary for programme aspects and a recognizable linguistically harmonic style in learning materials, proves that we take the TMI mission seriously. This is how we „walk our talk“. I feel honoured that I may add my share to sustain or even improve the quality for the German-language materials for German speakers around the globe.

In The Spotlight

German Translation Review Team


Lead Reviewer

Andrea Sauerzweig

"What I like most about being a lead reviewer is the fact that I can help to enhance the quality of the German translations, especially the consistency of the translation within each project and within the series of the whole project. The Toastmasters education program is a high quality program with a huge impact on members’ lives. That should also be reflected in the quality of the translations."

Andrea Sauerzweig
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