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International Officer and International Director Candidate Information

Toastmasters International needs effective leaders who have the ability and foresight to guide our organization to new successes and even higher standards of quality. Are you the right person to be an International Director or International Officer? If you believe you are, please read the International Officer and Director Candidate and Board of Directors Handbook [CM1] Policy 9.1: International Campaigns and Elections. This information will help you understand and prepare for your candidacy.

For additional information on the roles, attributes and responsibilities of an international officer and director, see the Toastmasters International Leadership Roles document.

Campaigning for and serving on the Toastmasters Board of Directors can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. It offers a tremendous opportunity to increase your leadership skills. Candidates at all levels of the organization must maintain the highest levels of ethical conduct. It is important that you maintain the utmost integrity while running a professional and positive campaign. You are responsible for your actions as well as the actions of your campaign team. We ask that you share with your campaign team the information about ethics, policies and procedures for campaigning

Candidates must complete the following:

For additional research material regarding the role of the Board please read Calling for Strong Leaders by Past International President Ted Corcoran.

Campaign FAQs

Even though candidates may not participate in Toastmasters-related discussions on social networks, can they still post information on their social network profile pages?

International officer and director candidates may post unlimited updates on their own official profiles.

Please explain allowed campaign mailings for international officer and director candidates and how they relate to social networks.

An allowed campaign mailing is an unsolicited correspondence from a candidate. Each candidate is entitled to two mailings that are timeframe-sensitive. Once a member has accepted a connection request and continues that connection relationship, any correspondence between the candidate and that member would be viewed as solicited by that member, so the same mailing restrictions would no longer apply as the communications would no longer be unsolicited.

Does the limit of two mailings mean the candidate can friend request or connect with only two people?

No. There is no limitation to the number of members included in any one mailing, whether the mailing is sent via electronic or hard copy.

Can a candidate send both a hard copy mailing and a soft copy mailing in the same time frame?

No. This would count as two mailings in the same time frame, which exceeds the allowance provided.

If you have additional questions, or need further clarification, please contact Toastmasters International World Headquarters, Cindy Mount (