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Area Governor's Club Visit Reports

Part of the district's mission is to ensure every club fulfills its responsibilities to its members. To achieve this, the district must establish and maintain positive, supportive relationships with each club. Area governors play a critical role in preserving this relationship through club visits, which are required twice a year and should take place between July 1 - November 30 and again from January 1 - May 31.

As you prepare for your club visits:

  • Review the Distinguished Club Program report online for the club to determine where the club is in relation to its goals.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Area Governor's Club Visit Report – it will act as your evaluation tool during your visit. Print out a copy of the PDF version to take along to the meeting. Use it to take notes. Contact the club president at least one month prior to your visit.
  • Request a copy of the Club Success Plan from the club president and spend time reviewing it prior to the visit.
  • Ask that the club president share the club’s historical information and demographics.
  • Work with the club president to determine the club’s specific needs so you can customize your visit and ensure the club is getting the most out of it.

Each club visit will vary depending on the arrangements you’ve made with the club president.
Focus on those items that are applicable based on your agreements:

  • Discuss the club mission.
  • Discuss characteristics of successful clubs through best practices.
  • Ask club leaders how they know when they are successfully meeting the needs of their members?
  • If you give a speech, opt for a manual one.
  • Review the Toastmasters programs (e.g., Membership Building, Distinguished Club Program).
  • Identify prospective future leaders – talk about leadership opportunities within Toastmasters.
  • Debrief your visit with the members. Ask these questions about the meeting – What worked well? What didn’t work? How can you better meet the club’s needs during your next visit? Use this feedback to plan future visits.

After your visit with the whole club, spend time with the club’s leaders. Do a separate debrief with them. They may provide different feedback than you receive from the members. Ask how communication between you and the club can improve. Discuss where the club is in relation to year-end goals and discuss strategies to ensure those goals are achieved. Use the Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan as your guide. Recommend methods for moving forward and point out opportunities for enhancement.

Even though your visit with the club has ended there are some additional items you need to complete:

  • Submit the Area Governor's Club Visit Report online. A copy of the form will automatically be sent to your district leaders and the club president. Reports are due twice a year. Deadlines are November 30 and May 31.
    • To submit an online Area Governor's Club Visit Report log in to Follow the link to District Central and click "Submit Area Governor's Club Visit Report." 
  • Write a thank you note to the club.
  • Follow up with the club and see how things have been since the visit. Ask if the club needs additional support then ensure you provide it.
  • Keep records of your area club visits and pass them on to the next year’s area governor. This will ensure clubs’ needs are continually met.