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Annual Business Meeting

Annual Business Meeting

It is important to remember that there is a business side to the Toastmasters International Convention. The convention provides an opportunity for representatives from clubs around the world to make decisions and guide the organization into the future.

To ensure a quorum is met and in order to have sufficient representation, Toastmasters International uses a proxy system at the Annual Business Meeting to conduct the business of the organization.

If a club cannot have a representative attend the convention, it can name its district governor or another Toastmaster member to serve as its proxy.

For more information regarding proxies, read the proxy FAQs.

If you are a voting delegate, you are encouraged to learn about the international officer and director candidates:

  • Read the international officer biographies.
  • Read the international director biographies.
  • Visit the Candidates’ Corner during the convention.
  • Attend the Candidates Showcases to gain a better understanding of the candidates’ attributes and leadership skills as they give their presentations and answer questions.

International Officer Candidate Attributes

  • An advanced understanding of Toastmasters’ direction and purpose
  • Proven ability to inspire others and communicate the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Demonstrated ability to be a highly effective international director
  • Demonstrates experience thinking strategically and developing and implementing a strategic plan
  • Advanced leadership understanding and experience
  • Significant experience leading committees and senior leadership teams
  • Experience analyzing information and making executive-level decisions
  • Ability and experience evaluating policy and making significant high-level policy decisions
  • Experience and understanding of effective Board-staff relations and authorities

International Director Candidate Attributes

  • Demonstrated understanding of Toastmasters’ direction and purpose
  • Ability to inspire others and communicate the organization’s mission, vision and values
  • Demonstrated ability to function effectively as a team member
  • Experience and ability to think strategically and participate in the development and implementation of a strategic plan
  • Significant leadership understanding and experience
  • High level of integrity and history of ethical conduct
  • Effective listener, thinker and speaker
  • Ability to analyze information and make decisions
  • Experience and achievement in Toastmasters
  • Communication and leadership experience and achievement outside of Toastmasters
  • Understanding of Toastmasters’ programs
  • Experience in policy evaluation