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International Directors

International directors are members of the Toastmasters International Board of Directors, each representing one of the fourteen Toastmasters regions. International directors are elected to two-year terms.

Attributes of Successful International Directors

  • Demonstrated understanding of Toastmasters’ direction and purpose
  • Ability to inspire others and communicate the organization’s mission, values and envisioned future
  • Demonstrated ability to function effectively as a team member
  • Experience and ability to think strategically and participate in the development and implementation of a strategic plan
  • Significant leadership understanding and experience
  • High level of integrity and history of ethical conduct
  • Effective listener, thinker and speaker
  • Ability to analyze information and make decisions
  • Experience and achievement in Toastmasters
  • Communication and leadership experience and achievement outside of Toastmasters
  • Understanding of Toastmasters programs
  • Experience in policy evaluation

International Director Responsibilities

International directors support Toastmasters both in the boardroom as organizational fiduciaries and out of the boardroom as representatives of the Board.

In the Boardroom:
  • Participate, as assigned, on committees to support the strategic direction of the organization
  • Demonstrate a global perspective during discussions and decisions
  • Participate in organizational financial oversight and approve the annual budget
  • Participate in strategic-plan development and monitor execution
  • Understand and embody the mission, values and envisioned future as well as the governing documents at all times
  • Appropriately use professional experience
  • Determine high-level policy direction and review and approve policies
  • Maintain an understanding of organizational operations, progress and capacity
  • Discuss organizational opportunities and determine future direction as appropriate
  • Handle disciplinary matters appropriate to the Board
  • In the second year of the term, mentor first-year directors
  • Identify and encourage talented and qualified members to seek election to the Board

Out of the Boardroom:
  • Visit districts, as needed and approved, as an organizational ambassador to share the organization’s message,motivate and support district leadership teams, and lead corporate and media visits
  • In collaboration with the region advisor of the same region, maintain an awareness of district progress and achievement and participate in regular conference calls with district leaders in order to support and encourage them
  • Interact with members at events in order to maintain awareness of the organization (through contact with district leaders, district visits, mid-year training and the International Convention)
  • Refer ideas, suggestions, opportunities, concerns, challenges, requests, conflicts and other substantive issues to the Board or World Headquarters as appropriate
  • Be an ambassador for the organization at all times. Identify and encourage future district leaders
  • Participate as a facilitator at district leader training as assigned

If you are interested in applying for an international director position, please read the International Officer and Director Candidate Handbook, Policy 9.1: International Campaigns and Elections and complete the Letter of Intent form.

International Officers

The officers of Toastmasters International are the International President, International President-Elect, First Vice President,Second Vice President and Immediate Past International President. These officers are members of the board of directors and constitute the Executive Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and the Finance Committee.Each year elections are held for Second Vice President, First Vice President and International President-Elect. The International President and Immediate Past International President automatically transition to their new roles.

Attributes of Successful International Officers

  • Advanced understanding of Toastmasters’ direction and purpose
  • Proven ability to inspire others and communicate the organization’s mission, values and envisioned future
  • Demonstrated ability to be a highly effective international director
  • Demonstrates experience thinking strategically and developing and implementing a strategic plan
  • Advanced leadership understanding and experience
  • Significant experience leading committees and senior leadership teams
  • Experience analyzing information and making executive-level decisions
  • Ability and experience evaluating policy and making significant high-level policy decisions
  • Experience with and understanding of effective Board-staff relations and authorities
  • Demonstrated personal integrity and experience ensuring that ethical standards are met.

International Officer Responsibilities

International officers, as members of the Board, are expected to, as necessary, execute any of the responsibilities of an international director and fulfill these additional responsibilities:
  • Review the proposed annual budget and submit a final budget document to the Board
  • Review operations and policies that are carried out by the Executive Director
  • Supervise the performance and position of the Executive Director
  • Perform duties as specified in the Bylaws of Toastmasters International or assigned by the Board through policy or other Board action
  • Conduct the corporation’s business on behalf of the Board while the Board is not in session
  • Serve as chair for Board committees as assigned by the International President
  • Serve as spokesperson for the organization as assigned by the International President
If you are interested in applying for an international director position, please read the International Officer and Director Candidate Handbook, Policy 9.1: International Campaigns and Elections and complete the Letter of Intent form.


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